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7:00AM - 11:00AM

Sundays with Pastor Lenny and Akintunde with Pastor Lenny and Akintunde

Join our own Pastor Lenny Gaines, along with our favorite comedian, Akintunde, for a brand new take on Sunday mornings! It’s a great mix of your favorite music along with inspiring and entertaining conversation that is guaranteed to give your . . .

11:00AM - 11:30AM

Building Your Faith Broadcast

The Building Your Faith Broadcast is a ministry of the Long Branch Baptist Church featuring Rev. Sean Dogan, the Senior pastor. This time of inspiration is focused on reaching and motivating the people of the upstate who may not be able to make it . . .

11:30AM - 12:00PM

Grace Cathedral Ministries

Apostle Smith is a gifted orator, teacher, visionary, conference speaker and published author. He published his inaugural book entitled, “You Don’t Have to be Dead to Rest in Peace” in 2014. He attended the University of South Carolina and graduated . . .

12:00PM - 12:30PM

Experience IMC with Pastor Adams

The Faithful Praise Broadcast is a ministry of Israel Metropolitan CME Church located in the Historic West End District of Greenville, SC. Our ministry has been impacting lives in the Greenville community for over 125 years!

1:00PM - 3:00PM

Spirit Top 15 with Darlene McCoy

Darlene McCoy, is an American gospel musician, singer, songwriter, actress, and Christian R&B recording artist. She has a bold and broad approach to controversial topics. Darlene is spiritually centered with an undeniable anointing empowered to . . .

7:00PM - 7:30PM

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God with Julius Nfor

"The Gospel of the Kingdom of God" is a powerful time of encouraging biblical teaching and prayer for all listeners. The goal is to make disciples of Christ, and meet the prayer needs of all our listeners.


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