What Kind of Candy Corn Eater Are You?

One of the telltale signs of the fall season is the infamous candy corn in those yellowish-orange bags with a moderately sweet taste, awaiting those multiple and unique ways of nibbling and enjoying.  

Yes it’s true, there is actually scientific data surrounding how people consume the candy corn.  In my case, I’m a color-by-color nibbler and always start with the white piece before moving on to the orange then yellow portions.  

According to alwaysatreat.com, I’m not the only one color-nibbling on this seasonal treat.   I join the 28% of candy corn lovers that begin with the white portion, while 58% actually eat the whole piece.  Thirteen percent of polling respondents say they start from the bottom and consume the yellow portion first.  

What’s fascinating about the above statistics, is that they also determined that the smartest people in the world are those that gobble down the white portion first — LOL — just kidding! I’m just trying to make myself feel better about my candy corn eating habit. 

The best thing about this amazing candy is the tremendous discount you receive the day after Halloween! So, get to nibbling and just remember you’re at least three bites away from finishing off each piece.  

Read More About Candy Corn Here: https://alwaysatreat.com/candy-moments/halloween-central/everything-candy-corn/



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