10 Reasons I'm So Glad I'm Not Married

I want to speak up for singles who love where we are in life. People are single for a multitude of reasons, so I can only speak for myself, but I consider it a major blessing that I’m not married, and here are 10 reasons why.

7 Prayers for When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

Anything that isn’t truth is lie. Let’s begin to throw out the mirrors of unworthiness we look into everyday that tell us we are not good enough and remember who deemed us perfect from even before we were born.

10 Warning Signs You Need to Let Him Go

In case you’re already contemplating the question Should I stay or should I go? let me help you decide on what could be the difference between a successful marriage and a misery-ever-after or painful divorce. Here are 10 signs you need to not just put on the brakes, but all-out let him go.


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