How Do You Respond to People Who Claim the Bible Is Filled with Errors or Contradictions?

Call them on it. I mean I don't mean to be crass about this, but call them on it. Show me the contradictions you're talking about. If you look at the metanarrative of Scripture, that's a great thing. You can't take one verse, God... Remember this wasn't really given out in chapter and verse. That's something we've done for navigation of the Bible. It was given in the context of itself. You've got the author's context, the historical context, and then this metanarrative where God doesn't contradict Himself. No doctrine will ever contradict the gospel. Everything stands up at attention behind the gospel, and salutes. Which is what? The exalting of Jesus Christ and the diminishing, if you will, the diminishing of the pride of man to stand before holy God. Nothing's going to undo those tenants. Show me. The Bible's full of contradictions. Show me one. Let's just deal with one at a time. Never had anybody take me up on that. Don't be afraid.

Say, "Show me."

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