A Prayer for the One Seeking Acceptance

Gracious God, We are so thankful and abundantly blessed to be called Your beloved children. Please help us seek Your acceptance and walk in a way that honors You, Lord. Thank You for Your faithfulness and compassion for Your chosen people of Israel. It can give us the reassurance we need to know that even when we may fail and fall into sinful patterns, Your mercy is greater, and You still pursue our hearts, calling us back to Your acceptance. This world currently seems to be giving way to seeking their own personal form of acceptance, so with humble hearts, we ask that You please shed light in the darkness. Reveal that Your acceptance is filled with goodness, mercy, grace, and unconditional love. We lift our hurting nation to You, O God. We are in a very similar place to the people of Israel. We need to change course and need You to awaken people by softening hearts. Recreate a love for Your Word and Truth. Place bold convictions within the walls of our congregations and lead us back to the path of righteousness. O Lord, we want to desire Your acceptance and seek Your will and way for our lives. It is in Your Holy and Precious name I pray. Amen. 

Thumbnail courtesy of Canva.com  Stock footage courtesy of soundstripe.com 



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