How to Celebrate Easter When You’re Grieving

The disciples and those who loved Jesus had no idea on Friday what was coming. They didn’t remember Jesus’ prophecies about rising again. They had no idea that in a few short days, their worst nightmare would be reversed. They were clueless. But Sunday was coming anyway. 

We have the grace and blessing of knowing the end of the story. Today’s grief might feel like a very long, never-ending Friday. But Sunday is coming. It might come in the restoration of a marriage or in the healing of cancer or in the return of a prodigal child or in the development of a new relationship. It might come in the reunion of a friendship lost or in the revival of a church or as a deposit in a depleted bank account. 

It might not. 

But it will come through the gospel. 

Here are 4 ways to celebrate Easter when you’re grieving.

Photo credit: ©SWNdesign


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