7 Prayers from Psalms to Calm Coronavirus Anxiety

Often when we wake up in the morning, our minds can already start racing before our feet even touch the floor. Hearts burdened, spirits heavy, worry begins to creep in before we’ve fully started our day. Fear can be a daily battle, and we may wrestle with feeling great pressure under the weight of responsibilities we’re carrying. If you’ve found yourself there recently, especially in the midst of this global Coronavirus pandemic, here’s hope from God’s word.

4 Prayers for Unity in All Circumstances

Often in times of greatest need, we may find ourselves giving way to the stress and strain by battling one another; forgetting who the real enemy is. Harsh words spoken, friendships broken; we choose sides and draw lines. Feelings get hurt. It gets harder to forgive and keep moving forward. And sometimes we get stuck, right there in the broken mess of it all. Yet it’s in those very times of tension and struggle that we need, more than ever, to come together as one.

What Does It Mean to Give Your Anxiety and Problems to God in Prayer?

Giving our worry and problems to God in prayer is, in the simplest sense, an honest, meditative conversation with our Father whereby we attempt to transfer responsibility for desired outcomes out of our hands and into His. It’s a deliberate act of faith that trusts in who God is more than our perception of what He does or does not do.


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