How and Why Do I Pray 'in Jesus’ Name?'

Prayer is a beautiful and undeserved privilege. What an honor to come to God, bringing our petitions to him. But let us beware of asking “wrongly, to spend it on your passions.”

10 Prayers to Help You Exchange Anxiety and Fear for Peace

We do not overcome the effects of ‘the news’ by denying or ignoring the evil in our world that causes such intense emotions, but rather by applying scriptural truth to circumstances and responding biblically.

What does the Bible say about fear and anxiety; and what might we pray to the Lord based on those Scriptures that can help us exchange toxic emotions for God’s wondrous peace?

7 Ways Christians Pray Like Pharisees

Prayer can be one of our most powerful weapons to commune with God. When we pray with humility and care for others, we become less like Pharisees and more like the body of Christ.

Can You Really Pray Anxiety Away?

In the church, there is often an idea that anxiety is simply the result of a lack of trust in God and can be prayed away, if we just have enough faith. But is there more to the situation?

How to Pray for Your Children Away at College

Had we done enough to prepare her? How would she handle finances? What if she gets into trouble? And what about this hole in my heart? Then God reminded me. I could worry, or I could give my child, my loneliness, my fears to Him in prayer.

What Does the Bible Say about Prayer?

Too many times we try to do things in our own strength and we burn out. We can tire easily and isolate ourselves from others and God. Prayer is a necessity to keep us from temptation. Jesus tells His disciples to pray.

How Do I Pray When I'm Angry at God?

Any time we’re angry, it can be hard to find words to express our pain. We may fear saying the wrong thing to God. Praying the Psalms can be a healing solution.

What Is the Prayer of Faith in James 5?

The James 5 prayer of faith encourages believers to trust in God. It may bring a physical healing, or a spiritual peace. We pray this prayer to lean on God, should he choose to heal the sick person in our lives.

A Powerful Morning Prayer to Energize You Daily

How you start your day is essential to how it progresses, and ultimately, how it ends. If you seek God first and spend time in His presence, you can leave that morning fellowship empowered and energized to take on whatever the day brings.


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