Broken Can Still Be Beautiful - I Do Every Day - April 10, 2021

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Broken Can Still Be Beautiful
By Sabrina McDonald

The receptionist overheard me talking to my friend in the beauty shop.

My friend was marrying a great young single father, and I was giving her some advice. My husband and I, both widowed with two kids each, had married and moved in together, leaving me with perhaps more experience than I’d wish for.

After listening, the receptionist looked at me through desperate eyes. She and her husband both came into their marriage with kids, and parenting was so hard they were at the point of wondering if they should go their separate ways.

“Not at all,” I encouraged her. “Don’t give up. Just because you feel broken doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”

You see, beauty does often come through brokenness.

A broken pitcher might not carry water well, but an artist gathers those broken pieces of the pitcher and rearranges them in a new way. He creates a mosaic, a work of art that reflects the beauty and glory of the artist.

In the same way, when we offer our broken pieces to God, He makes something lovely out of them that tells a redemption story and reflects His glory.

Don’t give up before the Artist is finished.

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The good stuff: Behold, I am making all things new. (Revelation 21:5)

Action points:

  • What are some ways God has brought about good out of bad circumstances in your life?
  • Reflect on the story of Joseph (for a refresher, skim Genesis 37-50). What lessons can you learn from his life?
  • Consider how God may be using your current circumstances for your good and His glory.

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